Electric toothbrush


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    The smart electric toothbrush uses the built-in motor drive circuit chip of the toothbrush to make the brush head produce high-frequency swings perpendicular to the direction of the brush handle. The electric toothbrush also has a wireless charging function, which is convenient and quick to use. The smart electric toothbrush solution includes two parts: electric toothbrush control and wireless charging management. The wireless charging solution integrates a wireless charging library, which can communicate with the wireless charging board to improve charging efficiency. The solution is cost-effective, stable, and has a short development cycle. The functions can be customized based on customer needs.

    Features of RISC MCU cost-effective control scheme:

    > Built-in motor drive circuit, effectively simplifying the peripheral circuit

    > Built-in high-precision 1.2V reference voltage, can accurately detect the battery voltage

    > PWM circuit conversion to accurately control the driving current

    > Integrated wireless charging communication library, can communicate with the wireless charging board, improve charging efficient 

    BAT32W33 Ultra Low Energy Bluetooth Solution Features:

    > Standby ultra-low power consumption below -3uA

    > Built-in two operational amplifiers, two PGA, simplified design

    > Faster main frequency to adapt to more complex algorithms

    > Complete support for BLE4.2 features

    > Support Bluetooth communication debugging

    > RF single-ended output, Few peripheral components

  • System diagram

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