FOC Automotive water pump Solution


System diagram

  • Description

    The FOC Automotive water pump Solution is designed based on the BAT32A237 chip of Arm Cortex ® M0+ core and motor driver CMSA6164 chip, supporting common 45W-150W automotive water pump, suitable for automotive engine cooling water pump and electric vehicle battery cooling water pump with high efficiency, long service life

    Performance characteristics of FOC Automotive water pump Solution:

    > The main chip of BAT32A237  Conforms to AEC-Q100 Grade1 standard.

    > Operating voltage 12V/24V, single-resistor, non-inductive FOC control mode

    > Power range ≤150W, Speed range 500-20000 rpm

    > Overvoltage and undervoltage protection,overcurrent protection,stall protection,phase loss protection,start protection,etc.

    > Constant power control, speed control, 100% successful start,start smoothly without shaking.

    > High head, large flow, super fast protection response • Highly integrated, thin peripheral devices, support LIN and other communication

  • System diagram

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