Electric bicycle solutions


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    With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the continuous expansion of the scope of activities, people hope to obtain a light, fast, simple and safe means of transportation. Electric bicycles are generally welcomed by consumers because they are light and fast, and meet the needs of modern people in pursuit of environmental protection, efficiency, and safety. In this regard, Cmsemicon has launched an electric bicycle controller solution with functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, locked-rotor, and current-limiting protection.

    CMS32M57xx electric bicycle program performance characteristics:

    > Built-in 12-bit ADC, multiple op amps, PGA, streamlined peripheral circuits

    > Inductive FOC, dual resistance control mode

    > Hall position self-correction algorithm, effectively solve the Hall position mechanical error

    > Three gear speed limit, cruise control, EBS brake, anti-theft

    > With over-current, over-voltage, locked-rotor, current-limiting protection and other functions

  • System diagram

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