Hair dryer


System diagram

  • Description

    With the improvement of the quality of life, people's requirements for hair dryers are not only to dry their hair, but also to the functional requirements of not damaging the hair and capable of raising the hair. Cmsemicon has launched a high-speed hair dryer motor control solution, which has locked-rotor, Over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature protection and other functions.

    CMS32M57xx hair dryer program performance characteristics:

    > Integrate 12Bits high-speed ADC, multiple high-performance analog operational amplifiers and programmable PGA, streamline peripheral circuits

    > Non-inductive FOC, single/double resistance control mode

    > Self-convergence and direct closed-loop startup algorithm, adapt to different load startup, 100% startup success

    > Good start effect in forward and backward wind, fast and stable start, no out of step, smooth operation and low noise

    > Speed control can be as high as 120000+RPM

    > Constant speed/constant power control

  • System diagram

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