Induction cooker


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  • Description

    As an efficient and environmentally friendly heating method, the application of IH technology has gradually extended from induction cookers to electric water heaters, rice cookers and other fields. With the extension of application fields and the maturity of technology, the performance and cost requirements of IH products in the industry and clients have gradually increased. Therefore, Cmsemicon has introduced a high-performance, cost-effective IH solution on the basis of traditional technology. The solution uses the CmsemiconCMS89F52x series single-chip microcomputer, which integrates a large number of peripheral components, supports assembly/C language development, and provides self-developed EMC frequency shaking technical support.

    CMS89F52x IH program performance characteristics:

    > Provide a dedicated frequency jitter library to reduce the difficulty of passing the EMI test

    > Built-in PPG, operational amplifier and multiple comparators, simple peripheral circuit

    > Support simultaneous detection of voltage surge and current surge, dual protection

    > Built-in EEPROM, easy to realize power-off memory

  • System diagram

  • Video

    Induction cooker demo

    Induction cooker demo  solution

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