Electric scissors


System diagram

  • Description

    Electric scissors are widely used in gardening, fruit forest pruning, cutting, picking and other occasions. Cmsemicon has launched a cost-effective electric scissors main control board and blade position detection board with few peripheral components to provide a complete solution.

    CMS32M53xx electric scissors program performance characteristics:

    > Built-in 12-bit ADC, multi-channel operational amplifier, PGA, N+N drive, simplifying the peripheral circuit

    > Optimized sensorless startup algorithm, 100% startup success

    > Motor position tracking algorithm, position speed curve algorithm, comfortable hand feeling, position torque following

    > The algorithm realizes that the opening or closing position can be set at any position, without relying on the hall position

    > Double-click the trigger to turn on, fast switching of openings, locked-rotor rebound, zero-current sleep

    > With opening fast switching, power display, automatic standby and hibernation, anti-cutting hands

    > With input over-voltage and under-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, phase-to-phase short-circuit protection, phase loss protection, locked-rotor protection and other protection functions

  • System diagram

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