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    With the development of the bread machine market, bread machines are gradually becoming more specialized in recipes, multi-functional in use, and simple in design. In order to adapt to social trends, Cmsemicon has launched a performance-enhanced/simplified peripheral circuit product solution with a built-in touch module. , LED/LCD display driver module, reference voltage source and big data EE memory module, provide template program and modular code, supplemented by graphical development interface, rapid development and import mass production.

    CMS89F6xxB bread machine program performance characteristics:

    > The overall integration of the solution is high, integrating the oscillation source, data EE, touch module, voltage reference source, display module driver, SPI/IIC communication

    > Simple external circuit, low cost, convenient for production, testing and maintenance

    > The built-in touch buttons are powerful, no need to worry about oil and water stains on the surface, and the high-performance touch effect is easy to pass the 10V dynamic and static CS test

    > Built-in LED/LCD driver module, which can be directly connected to the display screen with zero external components, and the display screen can be adjusted with 16 levels of gray

    > Built-in UART directly connects to the Bluetooth module/WiFi module, realizes one-click download of mobile phone computer menu recipes, and convenient communication

  • System diagram

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