Automotive Ambient lighting Solution


System diagram

  • Description

    The ambient automotive lighting Solution is designed based on the BAT32A237  chip of Arm Cortex ® M0+ core.LIN bus is used to communicate with the host, supporting sleep and wake-up, reducing the power consumption of the system.Through the pull-up and constant current switch control, combined with the current sampling circuit, the LIN auto-addressing function is implementation.

    Performance characteristics of automotive ambient lighting Solution:

    > The main chip of BAT32A237  Conforms to AEC-Q100 Grade1 standard

    > The function of auto-addressing is realized by sampling circuit and software, and the structure is simple

    > RGB three-color lights are directly controlled by high-precision PWM

    >  Ambient mode is available, precise color and brightness adjustment

    > it can automatically assign the address according to the node location

    > Simplify storage and installation process, improve the Universality

  • System diagram

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