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    The mobile air-conditioning solution launched by Cmsemicon is composed of a highly sensitive, highly anti-interference touch control panel and a high-precision temperature detection motherboard. The built-in LED module, touch module and communication module (including UART/IIC protocol) in the chip greatly improve the efficiency of development and simplify the circuit. Excellent EMC performance improves the stability and reliability of the solution.

    CMS80F231x mobile air conditioning program performance characteristics:

    > The solution has excellent EMC performance, easy to pass CS dynamic and static 10V

    > High-sensitivity, high-disturbance touch hardware design and supporting software algorithms

    > Equipped with common modules such as LED, TOUCH, UART, etc. to reduce the difficulty of development

    > Adopt high-precision 12bit ADC to provide guarantee for accurate temperature detection and control

    > Using 16bitPWM, frequency conversion control is smoother and higher precision

    > All digital functions can be configured on any GPIO, and all GPIO support configuration as ADC channels, which is convenient for circuit design

    > Equipped with BOOT area settings to facilitate remote upgrade of the program

  • System diagram

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    Application manual
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    CMS79FT73xx-SICC built-in capacitive touch training package 1.0

    CMS79FT73xx-SICC built-in capacitive touch training package

    Download >


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