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Motor power
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FOC vacuum cleaner

For vacuum cleaner applications, Cmsemicon has introduced a FOC application solution based on microcontroller CMS32M65xx. The controller is mainly used for vacuum cleaner motor control.

Electric drills

For the application of electric drills, which are indispensable in various industries such as machinery, construction, decoration, and assembly, Cmsemicon's solutions have excellent performance, obvious cost advantages, flexible control methods, and extensive motor compatibility, providing a complete solution.

Standard fan

For the three-phase low-voltage fan motor drive solution, Cmsemicon launched a cost-effective low-voltage fan solution. The scheme adopts SVPWM space voltage vector modulation technology, which has smaller harmonic components and torque ripple, and the peripheral circuit is simplified, providing a complete solution.

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Forehead thermometer

Aiming at the highly effective role of non-contact forehead thermometers in rapid body temperature investigations, Cmsemicon has introduced an efficient solution with built-in 22bit high-precision ADC forehead thermometers. The solution is designed based on the large-resource 1T 8051 MCU CMS8H5101L, which effectively simplifies the peripheral circuit design. The measurement accuracy can reach +/- 0.2℃.


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