[Honor] Cmsemicon’s BAT32A Series Automotive-Grade Chips Won the Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Award for Outstanding Innovative Products

On June 10th, China Micro Semicon (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (stock code: 688380 hereinafter referred to as: Cmsemicon) was honored to win the 2022 Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Award - Outstanding Innovative Product Award at the 2023 China (Shenzhen) International Automotive Electronics Industry Summit and 2022 Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Award Ceremony held by Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association, by virtue of its advantageous automotive-grade chip BAT32A239.


Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Award was established by Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association, which is the science and technology award in the field of automotive electronics in China. It focuses on rewarding units, individuals and outstanding individual products and projects that have made outstanding contributions to scientific research, technological innovation and development, promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements, industrialization of high technology and construction of major projects in the field of automotive electronics.


According to the statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, in 2022, the national automobile sales volume was 26.864 million, including 6.887 million new energy vehicles, accounting for 25.6% of the total sales volume, and there is still much room for growth in the future.


Automotive chips require high reliability, consistency, safety, stability and longevity. Cmsemicon has established a rich automotive-grade MCU product matrix and a high standard automotive-grade quality management system based on 22 years of technological reserves and platform resources in the MCU field, and the automotive-grade BAT32A series MCUs have entered mass production and commercial delivery.


Through the unremitting efforts of Cmsemicon's automotive R&D team, the BAT32A239 and BAT32A279 series’ chip resources and processing power have been comprehensively improved, with up to 512KB Flash, 64KB SRAM, and up to 3-channel CAN 2.0B interface, and providing rich analog peripherals. In particular, the 48-100pin product design greatly expands the future application scenarios of intelligent vehicles.


These two series of products meet the AEC-Q100 Grade 1 standard, with high safety and reliability for automotive complex control conditions and harsh environments, such as sensors, digital keys, safety seats, ultrasonic radars, air conditioning controllers, BCM controllers, digital instrument clusters and other body applications. Among them, BAT32A239, with its excellent performance, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, has been in mass production and project development in the body domain and auxiliary driving domain such as ripple anti-pinch systems, ultrasonic radars, safety seats, digital keys, electric tailgates, and front and rear headlights.


The award signifies that Cmsemicon's automotive-grade chips have been fully recognized by the market. In the future, Cmsemicon will continue to strengthen the long-term strategic partnership with more Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs, continue to invest in automotive-grade microcontrollers, dedicated microcontrollers and automotive-grade analog products, launch more high security grade 32-bit automotive-grade MCUs, and fuel domestic automotive chip innovation and research.

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