[New Product Release] Cmsemicon Releases CMS8H1215, China’ s First Multi-Channel, Dual-AD High-Precision SoC

China Micro Semicon (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (stock code: 688380.SH hereinafter referred to as: Cmsemicon) analog chip products continue to push forward, recently announced the official release of China's first multi-channel, dual AD high-precision SoC CMS8H1215.


The chip adopts RISC core, based on Cmsemicon's self-developed analog technology, built-in 2-channel PWM and high-precision 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC and high-speed 12-bit SAR ADC dual-AD, realizing micro-signal amplification and multi-channel analog-to-digital conversion, with the operating temperature ranging from -40℃ to 85℃. The chip is compact and can be widely used in consumer electronics, pressure transducer, home medical and industrial measurement.




Dedicated multi-channel, dual AD


The CMS8H1215 is a multi-channel, dual-AD, high-precision SoC with significant differentiating features. It is the first of its kind in China. It can be based on a single-chip product-level solution, which would drastically minimize the system’ s complexity and cost.


In order to meet the demands for high-precision and low-rate for micro-signal as well as multi-channel for small-signal and high-speed, CMS8H1215 provides two different types of precision ADC modules, namely high-precision 24-bit Sigma Delta ADC and high-speed 12-bit SAR ADC. This chip also has other functions, including 2-channel PWM, up to 12V battery voltage direct detection, and is a competitive product-level solution in the measurement.


The CMS8H1215 unique 12-bit SAR ADC signal sampling can be amplified by the built-in pre-PGA and then enter the 12-bit ADC, realizing both small signal amplification and high-speed sampling requirements, which is an ideal single-chip solution for applications that only require high-speed, small signal amplification and non-24bit high-precision requirements.




High standard, anti-interference


CMS8H1215 adopts RISC core, supports 8KB MTP, 344 Bytes RAM and high anti-interference performance. The wide operating voltage of the whole series is 2.4V~4.5V, and the operating temperature is -40℃~85℃. At the same time, it has the advantage of anti-noise performance. The performance advantages of integrated high-capacity, high-performance, high-reliability and internal 24-bit ADC help customers save BOM cost and board space.


CMS8H1215 provides perfect interfaces for analog or digital peripherals, with up to 25 GPIOs, 2x 24-bit ADCs, 8x 12-bit ADC channels, and up to 16 high-current IOs, which can directly drive LEDs, and can achieve a driving force of 164mA for the sink current, and a maximum of 45mA for the source current. It supports high-resistance input, push-pull output, open-drain output and other modes, and can detect various signals such as pressure, temperature and voltage. Its advantages of high reliability, strong expansibility and high efficiency make it more widely used.




Product Characteristics


> 8K*16 MTP   344Byte RAM   128Byte EEPROM

> 24-bit Sigma Delta ADC with 20.0-bit effective resolution when PGA=128, ODR=10Hz, LDO=3V

> High current IO drive capability, sink current up to 164mA, pull current up to 45mA

> 12-bit SAR ADC, up to 8 channels

> 2-channel period and independent duty cycle PWM

> LVD and VBAT voltage detection function, up to 12V battery voltage can be directly connected to the chip without resistor divider




Development Support


CMS8H1215 is small in shape and adopts QFN32 package form, which provides a complete development environment and DEMO program, simplifies the application development process and facilitates rapid start-up development. CMS8H1215 has been recognized by customers in different pressure transmission applications and has been shipped in batches. For more information about CMS8H1215 products, please visit: (or click to read the original text).

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